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Brian Center, CEO

With a strong entrepreneurial spirit and passion for growing and connecting small businesses to bigger opportunities, Brian Center is a finance industry veteran with more than three decades of experience providing clients with trusted expertise as he helps them achieve maximum funding by capitalizing on what others in the industry don’t see.  

Center is a firm believer in straight talk, peace of mind, and funding reliability as the cornerstones of building long-lasting relationships.  Center has an impressive background holding numerous executive and senior management roles within the commercial finance and banking industry, where he has managed everything from rapidly changing portfolio acquisitions and complex strategies to translating sales success from the front line all the way to the executive office.

Receiving his Bachelor of Business Administration in Economics from Texas Tech University, Center got his start in asset-based lending and over the years nurtured his networking and financial acumen to successfully manage, lead and own multiple companies.  Center was previously President and Chief Credit Officer for Far West Capital. Previously, he was the co-owner and president of Comresco Capital, LLC, a factoring company founded in 2002 and sold to Bibby Financial in 2007. 

Now the Chief Executive Officer of Quasar Capital, a commercial finance firm that provides small businesses in North America custom invoice factoring, asset-based lending, and cash flow lending solutions. 

Center thrives on assisting clients from all walks of life to understand the broader world and their story within it by creating a value-added consultative affiliation and helping them launch and grow their business successfully. 

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John Center, President

John Center has spent his entire professional career in commercial finance serving in portfolio development and relationship management roles. Most recently, he served as Senior Vice President of Blacksail Capital Partners and prior to that as Vice President of client relationship management of Far West Capital.

John has successfully held a range of leadership positions and his passion is in building relationships that have stood the test of time. As President, John will be at the forefront of positioning Quasar Capital in providing a cost-effective and timely suite of solutions to help small businesses efficiently manage and maximize their cash flows.

Working through difficult situations with clients is what John thrives on.  His passion is to manage in-depth relationships and add true value to the lives of his clients.  His philosophy is to be someone his clients can depend on every hour of every day. He seeks to be a forward-thinking, trusted advisor for his clients, whether it is giving advice on business or being a partner with whom they bounce ideas.  In fact, his most meaningful accomplishment with clients continues to be building relationships that stand the test of time.

John’s extensive background and experience in commercial finance will yield even stronger partnerships and strategic alliances within our industry. Most importantly, his ability to seek to understand what drives businesses and the people within those businesses makes John one of the best client advocates this industry has. A list of clients a mile long swears by their alliances with John.  Quasar Capital and our clients are fortunate to have a staunch client advocate at the helm.

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Alexis Collins, Vice President, Operations Manager

As Quasar Capital's Vice President, Operations Manager, Alexis brings a wealth of expertise in relationship and portfolio management. Alexis thrives in helping people, building trust, and solid relationships. She is driven about getting to know the clients and people behind the businesses [professionally and personally] and coming up with creative solutions to solve their problems and help them in their growth journey.


For Alexis, there is no greater accomplishment than building trust and successfully being a partner in getting clients through challenges.  The personal aspect of the job is what really inspires and motivates Alexis every day.

In the spring of 2021, Collins joined Quasar Capital as Vice President, Operations Manager. She supports the development of Quasar Capital's portfolio management and operations. She is also responsible for the realization of relationship goals, from client management to treasury operations. Alexis has been servicing clients for several years and Quasar was lucky to have her join from a national industry leader.

Alexis exemplifies the spirit of Quasar Capital and our chief aim: to improve and enrich the lives of others. Alexis is a proven factoring professional and helps to anchor our proficiency. Yet, beyond her technical capabilities and in the words of our CEO Brian Center 'Alexis treats all with respect and positivity and incorporates our desire to be truly authentic with our fantastic referral partners and valued clients. We are so fortunate that Alexis chose Quasar Capital to continue her career journey.'

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Q&A with Alexis

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What motivates you to perform your role?

Relationships. I love getting to know the people behind the businesses. While my role encompasses a professional aspect, I thrive on the personal aspect. When my clients go the extra mile for things like sending me flowers on my birthday or calling to see how my weekend went, I feel like I am doing my job right. The relationships I build are what keeps me coming back daily. 


What are you looking forward to doing differently and better at Quasar Capital?

I am so excited to just be here. I am looking forward to soaking up as much knowledge as I can from those at Quasar with far more experience. I can’t wait to be in the trenches and asking ten thousand questions. Getting to see this process from the ground up has really provided me with a backstage pass to all of the things that have never been my job before.


I am looking forward to expanding my skill set and really watching the impact of every single decision and its ripple effect. Through that enlightenment and education, I believe I will be able to not only do my own job better, but I will also be able to train those who come in after me better. I really think I will gain mentorship skills, and leadership skills, and account management skills which will really broaden my abilities.

What do you really enjoy doing?
I enjoy creative projects. Anything that requires critical thinking, or spaces where I need to come up with an alternative solution that isn’t the normal process. When I first came into the industry, I was told factoring isn’t black and white, it is the grey in between and that is what I enjoy. Anything that makes me really think through the process and get hands-on experience is where I love to be.


What do you truly believe to be your strengths?

I thrive in fast-paced environments, so I believe organization and the ability to ask questions are strengths. To a degree though, I think admitting I don’t always have the answers and being willing to learn alongside a client or coworker can be a strength in its own right. I have seen people fail because they were afraid to ask for help, or tried to face those difficult situations by themselves, and I have learned from witnessing those moments. And, not to be redundant here, but again – relationships. I take pride in my ability to remember information and bring forth those conversation starters; be it asking about someone’s kids, or how their fishing competition went, it’s those details that set you up for solid relationships and I would love to believe I am talented in being a “people person”.

What difference would you like to make in the world? at Quasar Capital and to your Clients?

In the world? I am just trying to make it a better, more unified place. I want people to associate my name with positive change.

When it comes to my clients and Quasar specifically, I believe I got really lucky. I was presented with an incredible opportunity to take all of the things the industry has taught me, and use those teachings to really transform the lives of those we are financing. I know earlier I mentioned the personal aspect of my job being motivational, but that really is my inspiration and my goal. I want to see these businesses grow from invoice number one, through factoring and on to bank lines of credit. While part of that journey is those not-so-fun conversations and moments of saying “no”, all of the aspects of what our team gets to do, go into providing these businesses with the tools to be successful. And as such, providing these business owners with the opportunity to really change their lives.

I want to make that difference. I want to be the reason that an owner/operator is able to focus on their growth, sales, etc, and their own relationships because I will have earned the trust for them to know I have their back and that we can support them through that growth.

What makes you the best at what you do?

There is a bit of a running joke that I wear my heart on my sleeve. I have a million feelings about everything. While that can certainly hinder my ability to see facts at times, I also think that the empathy there is what helps drive my own success. At the end of the day, I choose to see businesses for not only their credit and collateral, but their character too. Sometimes I am willing to take the risk on someone because I trust them as a person. I know I keep coming back to relationships, but I believe my emphasis on them really gives me that step up in client management.


What has been your greatest accomplishment with a client?

Earning their trust. Gaining that personal relationship (there’s that word again) so that not only will they look to me as their lender, but having them call me for other things from general conversations about life and friendships all the way to seeking me out as an advisor for business beyond our lending relationship.

On a more specific level – there is no greater accomplishment than successfully getting out of a sticky situation side by side with a client. I have had times where debtors don’t pay and it’s a huge hit, and I’m jumping in doing any and everything I can to get the client taken care of while making collection efforts like crazy on the back end. Those days where you’re on the phone with a client all day long, and you’re both so busy you don’t have time to even stop and eat, but by the end of the day (or week, etc.) things are settled and you’ve succeeded in being their partner in getting through those challenges. Those are my favorite success stories.