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Janay Mays, Senior Underwriter

Janay is an inspirational, resilient leader driven by her compassion and love for others. Her cheerful and optimistic demeanor is exemplary, as is how she handles challenges with grace and determination.

Janay is currently completing her MBA; previously she served an honorable four-year term in the United States Navy and has been in the factoring industry for more than 6 years as a field examiner, financial analyst, and underwriter. She has developed trust and strong relationships with colleagues and clients by being consistent, honest, and empathetic. 

She is a strategic, solutions-oriented, thoughtful, and focused finance professional who brings calm and discipline to processes that are essential for our clients’ short-term and long-term success. In factoring it is common to want to move as fast as possible. 

Janay combines vision, expertise, and speed to ensure that the critical needs of our clients are fully addressed. Her easy communication style and efficient workflow have allowed her to be an exceptional underwriter and a natural leader. In her Senior Underwriter role, she raises our performance capability for our clients and brings improvements to underwriting and onboarding new clients.


Sarah Center,  Underwriter

Sarah Center’s empathetic, loving and caring nature is always looking for ways to help others and make a difference in the world.

As an underwriter, and finance professional she is committed to providing exceptional customer service and her mission is to support business owners in living their dream. She is driven by integrity and a desire to do the best work possible and will go out of her way to ensure that her clients are taken care of.

Sarah has a diverse background in factoring. She has held positions in operations, account management, and portfolio management. Her experience in underwriting and operations and her deep exposure to business development allow her to understand the pressures of those roles and how best to allow all areas of a finance company to work together smoothly to ensure efficiencies. 

Sarah has developed a strong understanding of the unique financial needs of small businesses and is dedicated to helping them secure the financing they need to grow and succeed. She supports our mission and gives the best results possible for our clients so our Quasar Capital team can succeed at "being in the business of making businesses better".

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