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Brian Center

Brian Center, CEO

Brian Center is a finance industry veteran with over three decades of experience providing clients with trusted expertise. He has a strong entrepreneurial spirit and passion for growing and connecting small businesses to more significant opportunities by capitalizing on what others in the industry don’t see.  

​Brian is a firm believer in straight talk, peace of mind, and funding reliability as the cornerstones of building long-lasting relationships. His impressive background - holding numerous executive and senior management roles within the commercial finance and banking industry - has allowed him to manage everything from rapidly changing portfolio acquisitions and complex strategies to translating sales success from the front line to the executive office.

​He received his Bachelor of Business Administration in Economics from Texas Tech University. Brian got his start in asset-based lending. Over the years nurtured his networking and financial acumen to manage, lead and own multiple companies successfully. Previously, he was President and Chief Credit Officer for Far West Capital. Before that, he was the co-owner and president of Comresco Capital, LLC, a factoring company founded in 2002 and sold to Bibby Financial in 2007. 

​As the Chief Executive Officer of Quasar Capital, Brian thrives on assisting clients from all walks of life to understand the broader world and their story within it by creating a value-added consultative affiliation and helping them launch and grow their business successfully. 

JC web.png

John Center, President

John Center has spent his entire professional career in commercial finance serving in portfolio development and relationship management roles. Most recently, he served as Senior Vice President of Blacksail Capital Partners and prior to that as Vice President of client relationship management of Far West Capital.

John has successfully held a range of leadership positions and his passion is in building relationships that have stood the test of time. As President, John will be at the forefront of positioning Quasar Capital in providing a cost-effective and timely suite of solutions to help small businesses efficiently manage and maximize their cash flows.

Working through difficult situations with clients is what John thrives on.  His passion is to manage in-depth relationships and add true value to the lives of his clients.  His philosophy is to be someone his clients can depend on every hour of every day. He seeks to be a forward-thinking, trusted advisor for his clients, whether it is giving advice on business or being a partner with whom they bounce ideas.  In fact, his most meaningful accomplishment with clients continues to be building relationships that stand the test of time.

John’s extensive background and experience in commercial finance will yield even stronger partnerships and strategic alliances within our industry. Most importantly, his ability to seek to understand what drives businesses and the people within those businesses makes John one of the best client advocates this industry has. A list of clients a mile long swears by their alliances with John.  Quasar Capital and our clients are fortunate to have a staunch client advocate at the helm.

Lori Guerrero

Lori Guerrero, Vice President

Lori's career in finance spans over a decade; her multifaceted experience in banking, underwriting, factoring, and operations makes her an instrumental member of our leadership. 

Before joining Quasar Capital, Lori served in senior underwriting and managerial roles for leading factoring companies. Her leadership has been exemplary, heading several projects, including the roll-out of a new underwriting platform, several technology integrations, process improvements, and service provider transitions. Earlier in her career, Lori worked in retail banking and earned her bachelors' degree in business management.

Lori's character and values align seamlessly with our values at Quasar Capital. She truly seeks to improve people's lives; she approaches every interaction with people selflessly in seeking to understand before seeing to be understood. Lori has mastered the intricacies of factoring and finance and is the link to drive the continued transformation of Quasar Capital. As Vice President, Lori spearheads the execution of our strategic plan. She is responsible for overseeing key initiatives impacting our clients and operations, playing a pivotal role in helping us remain successful.  


Karol Guerrero, CFO and Controller

Karol is a dynamic and high-impact leader with over 30 years of experience in the factoring finance industry, and has served in senior-level positions in finance, accounting, operations, underwriting, and management.  As a holder of a Bachelor’s Degree in Business from Dallas Baptist University, Karol upholds the basic tenets of money and people management to produce tangible results based on delineating realistic goals while teaching, coaching, sharing knowledge, and caring for those around her.

Karol never met a spreadsheet she did not like!   She is a numbers wizard and excels in detail.  All that is secondary to her leadership qualities, spirit, and drive! As chief financial officer and controller, Karol is responsible for the company’s financial functions, including accounting, audit, treasury, and corporate finance. 

She brings great value to Quasar in this role and will help shape our company's long-term strategy and preparedness for future challenges. Karol is essential to our team because she embodies the best in leadership and management. She knows how to cultivate a team ready to serve and instills in her people a sense of purpose and passion for their work. It is inspiring to see someone who is centered on people and talent development take this role, and we hope it marks the start of a bigger movement and more significant success for our Quasar Family.


Robert Center

Robert Center, Account Manager

Robert has been servicing clients for several years and Quasar was lucky to have him join the team.

New to the factoring industry, Robert joins the Quasar team as an account manager with the goal of becoming a trusted advisor to individual clients and small businesses. He excels in recommending high-impact solutions that help small businesses achieve profitability and individual clients reach their goals.

After spending nearly a decade working in corporate relocation servicing clients worldwide, Robert knows what it truly means to deliver exceptional client experiences—and it’s all about building meaningful relationships. It’s how well you connect with the heart-beating people you’re trying to help and communicate your understanding back to them.

Robert’s upbeat and compassionate demeanor has enabled him to be successful in working with individual clients in stressful periods of life. He is a strong team-builder and motivator who leads by example and improves productivity among the team by simplifying processes and tapping into his expertise in the modern tools that we all use daily.

EH web.png

Eduardo Hernandez, Collateral Analyst

Eduardo thrives in helping people. He demonstrates care for others in his personal life which translates perfectly to one of Quasar Capital's core values - empathy. He is consistent in always communicating calmly. These are excellent skills to possess in dealing with and understanding client needs.

For Eduardo, there is no greater accomplishment than education and making loved ones happy and proud. For the Quasar Capital team, this means he is constantly finding ways to show how he cares and values people. He is exemplary at treating everyone with decency and fostering a positive outcome for himself, our clients, and the team.

Eduardo has elevated the performance of the verification program.  An essential element of our business is to work with debtors to confirm data and gather information while simultaneously establishing relationships with debtors.


He is also instrumental in assisting the team with his input on how to improve our internal processes and create efficiencies in operations. Having a fresh set of eyes on existing procedures is always an opportunity to improve and enhance our client’s experience.


Ana Alvarado, Portfolio Analyst

Ana is a driven and caring individual. She is passionate about her family and helping others succeed. Her ability to balance all things and do it gracefully is admirable. Ana’s creativity, positive mindset, and drive to succeed make her the perfect team member for our Quasar Family.

Ana has served in administrative and underwriting roles for over 10 years. She is a great communicator, and her eye for detail and organizational skills make her the best at what she does professionally. She can set the right expectations for anyone with she's working in any capacity, which translates to learning new ways to be more efficient while helping people achieve optimal results and exceeding client and organizational goals.

Ana is someone that you can trust. Her behaviors show you that what she says aligns with what she does. She is honest and has high integrity making her a great addition to the portfolio management team; she will be an impactful contributor to the culture and team that we are working so hard to create. 


Janay Mays.png

Janay Mays, Senior Underwriter

Janay is an inspirational, resilient leader driven by her compassion and love for others. Her cheerful and optimistic demeanor is exemplary, as is how she handles challenges with grace and determination.

Janay is currently completing her MBA; previously she served an honorable four-year term in the United States Navy and has been in the factoring industry for more than 6 years as a field examiner, financial analyst, and underwriter. She has developed trust and strong relationships with colleagues and clients by being consistent, honest, and empathetic. 

She is a strategic, solutions-oriented, thoughtful, and focused finance professional who brings calm and discipline to processes that are essential for our clients’ short-term and long-term success. In factoring it is common to want to move as fast as possible. 

Janay combines vision, expertise, and speed to ensure that the critical needs of our clients are fully addressed. Her easy communication style and efficient workflow have allowed her to be an exceptional underwriter and a natural leader. In her Senior Underwriter role, she raises our performance capability for our clients and brings improvements to underwriting and onboarding new clients.


Sarah Center,  Underwriter

Sarah Center’s empathetic, loving and caring nature is always looking for ways to help others and make a difference in the world.

As an underwriter, and finance professional she is committed to providing exceptional customer service and her mission is to support business owners in living their dream. She is driven by integrity and a desire to do the best work possible and will go out of her way to ensure that her clients are taken care of.

Sarah has a diverse background in factoring. She has held positions in operations, account management, and portfolio management. Her experience in underwriting and operations and her deep exposure to business development allow her to understand the pressures of those roles and how best to allow all areas of a finance company to work together smoothly to ensure efficiencies. 

Sarah has developed a strong understanding of the unique financial needs of small businesses and is dedicated to helping them secure the financing they need to grow and succeed. She supports our mission and gives the best results possible for our clients so our Quasar Capital team can succeed at "being in the business of making businesses better".

Business Development


Suroush Keihani, Business Development Officer

Suroush is a self-motivated and success-driven business development officer with ten years of experience in solution selling and new business development.

He is passionate about living life to the fullest and motivating those around him to do the same. His biggest strength is the ability to talk and connect with people. His greatest accomplishments come from his growth and knowledge in sales through the car business, where he made a name for himself by understanding every customer’s motivation and pain and bringing a solution to every customer he meets. And he's always pushing himself to learn more so that he can be an even better salesman for his customers. For Suroush it's never just about selling, it's about helping and relating to all the different people you meet.

Suroush's drive makes him the best. He has always prided himself on his work, driving to the pain of his customers and truly being able to bring a tailored solution that fits the needs of his customers. He will be instrumental in increasing our market presence in Austin, reaching more business owners, and connecting with more people in a meaningful way.

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