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We're in the business of making businesses better

Quasar Capital gives small businesses the freedom to focus on
growth and success
by providing fast and reliable funding

No hidden fees: we only charge for a funding fee and a wire fee.​

No long-term contract: only month-to-month contracts.


If we do not earn your trust, you are not locked into a contract.

Transfusion of cash that goes beyond factoring financing


Financing that scales with your business and supports you in overcoming unexpected business disruptions

​The extra funding we provide injects the cash back into your business​

Our funding philosophy rests on the following pillars:


to Small Businesses

We provide custom funding solutions tailored for your needs, your business, and your industry.


We service clients, in the US and Canada, who have needs of $20M (facility size)



Fast and Maximum Funding

​We provide hassle-free MAXIMUM Funding.

We do not have a rigid committee making financing decisions, and we do not make decisions based on algorithms.

Transparency and Results

We provide solutions with integrity, transparency, and professionalism.

We offer solutions when others can’t in a very reasonable, flexible, and personalized way.

Quasar Capital Provides Maximum Funding that helps YOU accelerate YOUR

business success

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