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Ana Alvarado, Portfolio Analyst

Ana is a driven and caring individual. She is passionate about her family and helping others succeed. Her ability to balance all things and do it gracefully is admirable. Ana’s creativity, positive mindset, and drive to succeed make her the perfect team member for our Quasar Family.

Ana has served in administrative and underwriting roles for over 10 years. She is a great communicator, and her eye for detail and organizational skills make her the best at what she does professionally. She can set the right expectations for anyone with she's working in any capacity, which translates to learning new ways to be more efficient while helping people achieve optimal results and exceeding client and organizational goals.

Ana is someone that you can trust. Her behaviors show you that what she says aligns with what she does. She is honest and has high integrity making her a great addition to the portfolio management team; she will be an impactful contributor to the culture and team that we are working so hard to create. 

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