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Quasar Capital Partners Welcomes Jessica Landmon as Account Analyst

Austin, Texas., May 12th, 2022 – Quasar Capital Partners, LLC is pleased to welcome Jessica Landmon as Account Analyst. 

“Jessica brings so many tactical and organizational skills to Quasar Capital.  However, one of her attributes that drives the value of Quasar Capital is that she has experienced factoring from a 'clients' perspective," said Brian Center - CEO of Quasar Capital Partners. “Having worked for a company that utilized factoring allows her to serve as a champion for our clients unlike any other.” 

Jessica is a seasoned administrator with close to a decade of experience in a variety of roles that have allowed her to nurture genuine relationships,  find creative solutions to support teams and clients through difficult transitions, and ensure that companies are compliant with all policies, procedures, and circumstances relevant to their field. Her journey exemplifies adaptability, perseverance, self-awareness, empathy, and compassion. 

“I admire Jessicas passion and authenticity. Authenticity is a core value of Quasar Capital, and her authentic behavior is a wonderful match!,” said John Center - President of Quasar Capital Partners. “One of the most exciting aspects of Jessica joining Quasar is the increase in client communication. We pride ourselves on our desire and ability to connect with our clients. Jessica embodies these values to the fullest!.”

Lori Guerrero named Quasar Capital’s Vice President

Austin, TX – March 1st, 2022 – Quasar Capital Partners, LLC, is pleased to announce that Lori Guerrero has joined the executive team as Vice President.

Lori has mastered the intricacies of factoring and finance. As Vice President, Lori spearheads the execution of the strategic plan. She is responsible for overseeing key initiatives impacting clients and operations, playing a pivotal role in the continued transformation of Quasar Capital.

"I've seen Lori, countless times, deal with difficult situations, people, and decisions. Those are a constant in this business, and she always responds with grace, by setting ego aside and driving to the root cause of a problem." Said Brian Center - CEO of Quasar Capital Partners, "Lori knows very well her mission to help our clients, their communities and the community within the factoring world. It is admirable just how committed she is in never letting go of the possibility of helping others, and we are happy to have her join our Quasar crew."

Before joining Quasar Capital, Lori served in senior underwriting and managerial roles for leading factoring companies. Her leadership has been exemplary, heading several projects, including the roll-out of a new underwriting platform, several technology integrations, process improvements, and service provider transitions. Earlier in her career, Lori worked in retail banking and earned her bachelors' degree in business management.

"I want to do my best and boost the people around me up - knowing that only good things can come from doing your job well and treating the people around you with respect and care." Said Lori Guerrero – Vice President of Quasar Capital Partners, "I want to deliver a service that people will come back to while getting back to a "family" culture and helping Quasar live and breathe the culture daily."

Quasar Capital Partners Appoints Robert Center as Account Manager

Austin, TX (December 8th, 2021) – Quasar Capital Partners, LLC is pleased to announce the appointment of Robert Center as Account Manager.
“Coordination, planning, accountability, intuitiveness, and most importantly, empathy, are all traits Robert has groomed and mastered over the years.  His skill set and expertise in this regard are tailored made for authentically servicing our clients” said Brian Center - CEO of Quasar Capital Partners. “We are enthusiastic about Robert joining and enhancing our team as an Account Manager.”

For the last seven years, Robert has served in an industry that specializes in helping people transition and move their lives and families across the country. He excels in recommending high-impact solutions that help small businesses achieve profitability and individual clients reach their goals. His intellectual curiosity and passion for technology characterize him as a lifelong learner. From building his own computers to showing a co-worker a shortcut to make their life easier, Robert believes that we all have something that we can learn from one another.

“Robert embodies exactly what our values are at Quasar Capital. He brings an in-depth understanding of account management and true relationship building,” said John Center - President of Quasar Capital Partners. “Robert's experience dealing with large clients, in some of their most stressful times, will pay dividends in his role as Account Manager at Quasar Capital.  We could not be more fortunate to have Robert join our team.”

Quasar Capital Partners Appoints Sam Tork to its Advisory Board of Directors

Dallas, TX (November 4th, 2021) – Quasar Capital Partners, LLC is pleased to announce the appointment of Sam Tork to its Advisory Board of Directors. As a member of the advisory board, Sam Tork will guide with strategic priorities and serve as a senior member of Quasar Capital Partner’s credit, asset review, and strategic planning committee. 

“Tork’s experience is highlighted by numerous executive and C-Level roles in which he has built a career focused on serving clients, employees, peers, and the finance industry. He is an industry stalwart with a track record of selfless service. I’ve known Sam for more than 20 years and am humbled and ecstatic about his decision to partner with Quasar Capital,” said Brian Center, CEO of Quasar Capital Partners. “Sam lives the values of integrity and authenticity, and as he states himself, he desires to add value to the lives of people, directly and indirectly. This desire aligns perfectly with Quasar Capital’s mission of improving the lives of all we serve.”

Sam Tork, an industry veteran with 30 plus years, has spent the previous twenty-plus years in the commercial banking and asset-based lending industry, with the most recent fifteen years being responsible for new business development, managing client relationships, and in executive management roles. His extensive background in corporate finance includes capital markets, asset-based lending, distressed debt/CCAA restructuring, real estate, equipment, and leasing. Sam is passionate about building trust and maintaining long-lasting relationships with his clients, as well as developing and leading strategic business plans to re-capitalizing their respective businesses. In addition to his advisory role with Quasar Capital Partners, Sam continues to serve several roles in the industry and his community.

“In response to our rapid growth, Quasar Capital Partners identified the need to draw on the wisdom of seasoned and experienced individuals that align with our dedication to improving the lives of others,” said John Center, President of Quasar Capital Partners. “Sam is an impeccable role model, and I am thrilled to partner with his character and insight.”  

Quasar Capital Partners Announces John Center as President

Austin, Texas., June 9th, 2021 – Quasar Capital Partners, a provider of customized lending solutions for small businesses in the US and Canada with facility sizes ranging from $1,000 to $8M, today announced that John Center has been named as President.
Center has spent his entire professional career in commercial finance serving in portfolio development and relationship management roles. Most recently, he served as Senior Vice President of Blacksail Capital Partners and prior to that as Vice President of client relationship management of Far West Capital.

“Leading our Austin office, John’s extensive background and experience in commercial finance will yield even stronger partnerships and strategic alliances within our industry,” said Brian Center, Quasar Capital’s CEO. “Most importantly, his ability to seek to understand what drives businesses and the people within those businesses makes John one of the best client advocates I have witnessed.  Am I biased? Of course, and yet, a list of clients a mile long swear by their alliances with John.  Quasar Capital and our clients are fortunate to have a staunch client advocate at the helm.”
“I want to make an impact and build something special. I’m looking forward to having more say in the day-to-day processes and the outcome of situations because I just want Quasar to be successful. I want to make Quasar Capital something the industry has never seen before, with long-lasting relationships and passion for the art of factoring,” said John Center. “I believe Quasar Capital has a talented team that uniquely positions it to capitalize on the changing commercial finance environment. As the industry evolves, I believe Quasar Capital truly understands relationships, and I want to capitalize on that talent. Our dedication and expertise will connect to our clients, and their clients, and all that can be impacted by our business.”

John has successfully held a range of leadership positions and his passion is in building relationships that have stood the test of time. John will be at the forefront of positioning Quasar Capital in providing a cost-effective and timely suite of solutions to help small businesses efficiently manage and maximize their cash flows.

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Commercial Factor Q&A: Brian Center Outlines Newly-Launched Quasar Capital’s Mission

Avila Beach, March 18, 2021 – Brian Center is a mainstay in the factoring industry, having worked in the industry for 30 years. For his most recent endeavor, he founded and launched a brand-new business: Quasar Capital Partners. The company will provide factoring receives funding and asset-based lending solutions with a small business focus, but Center also wants the company to improve the lives of its clients. In an exclusive Q&A with Commercial Factor, Center discussed how the new company came to be, how he hopes to build success, and why profits aren’t all the matter.

How did Quasar Capital Partners go from an idea to a business?

Brian Center: The disruption that occurred with COVID-19 affirmed my belief that a finance company’s mission should be to improve people’s lives. A number of good factoring companies do so today, yet I do believe it is time to embody and embrace that principle fully as a factoring company. Given the opportunity, I wanted to effectuate that kind of change through the services that Quasar Capital provides to its clients. The opportunity to improve the lives of others fuels me. My sincere passion is to improve the trajectory of life for our clients so that their dreams are fulfilled.

I believe the factoring community is special. So many great companies in our industry are performing so well and doing so much good. There is much room for so many companies to serve in our industry. The more we help people achieve their goals, the stronger the community of clients sees our contribution, and the more robust and resilient our industry thrives. I seek to continue the legacy of service as exemplified by so many in our industry.

What was the process of launching the business-like?

Center: It has been chaotic, transformational, and stressful. However, the support I have received from industry partners has been incredible. A CEO is always switching between different altitudes. At the highest altitude, I’m asking questions regarding mission and strategy. At the lower altitude, I am ingrained with “on-the-ground” operations, discovering more efficient ways of executing all the while taking care of our clients.

I founded Quasar Capital in the midst of a pandemic where everything has fundamentally changed. A hallmark of our industry is change. Factors live change and are comfortable with the uncomfortable. Having founded and led companies before, I learned that repetition and consistency in your model helps with the ever-changing environment. Yet, this time, creating Quasar Capital felt different. There has been no better time and no better way to remind me of my values, my purpose, and long-term goals. The pandemic brought the need for more focus and more definiteness about the next steps for me and, as a result, Quasar Capital.

What opportunities do you see in the market?

Center: Better industry relationships and filling the gap that, simply, fintechs cannot serve. I support innovation and I am in awe of the positive change with the influx of fintechs. Its waves have contributed to the factoring industry and have pushed us to get better at innovation. No question, clients have needs regarding timeliness and quality of information. However, with the influx of rapid and easy cash, many clients felt the void of “relationship.” That is what this great industry provides: relationships. The ability to answer the call or make the call and ask my favorite question: “Can we just talk?” No strings, no gotcha, no selling, just talk about your business and what Quasar can do to help. That's the opportunity in the market for Quasar Capital.

Are there unique niches you are hoping to fill?

Center: There is a great opportunity for factors to become microlenders. If done right, there is a part of the market that has the potential to be serviced in the manner that the reliability of factoring merges with the value of microlending and fintech. At Quasar Capital, we are creating a ‘cash transfusion tool,’ not necessarily unique, but that serves as a microloan offering for small businesses.

How will your previous experience in the industry influence how you run this company?

Center: I know it sounds so cliché, but it’s so true. The biggest lesson is to embrace failure. You can’t let past mistakes — and the fear of making more — paralyze you. So, with that in mind, two lessons for Quasar Capital from previous experience:

First, strike a balance between embracing others’ ideas and the lessons I’ve learned over 30 years. I tend to move out of the way and allow others to excel with their ideas and desire. Candidly, getting out of the way is a significant element to leadership, guiding people versus commanding people. Yet, I have recently seen times wherein I did not execute upon my own experiences and left significant value and wisdom untapped and unused. In so doing, valuable experience was lost and, ultimately, decisions were made solely based on what served select individuals versus the collective good.

Ultimately, I am a firm believer in a team where everyone is aligned in values and aspirations. Leadership can guide but if the entire organization does not share values and aspirations, the organization won’t prosper. At Quasar Capital, I aspire to build a team that aims to change people’s lives for the better.

Second, relationships work when you nurture them. Nurturing relationships takes continuous effort. This means to do business with anyone that needs help and is willing to get help as well. I think people want to do business that way.

What will separate Quasar Capital from its competitors?

Center: We are maniacal and relentless in our drive to serve our clients. We are honored to finance businesses that allow us to create relationships for life. Competition requires any company to adopt a new mindset. I believe that to get to the next stage of growth, we needed to overcome some ingrained perceptions within the industry and how we are perceived in the market. My goal is that Quasar Capital will set itself apart by demonstrating its responsibility to the industry and to its clients. Not all peers believe as I do that we have a responsibility that is greater than profit. Yet, we have the possibility to touch people's lives with positive outcomes and therefore influence outcomes as an industry. That, in part, is what sets Quasar Capital apart. It supports its competitors and champions every industry participant who is committed to having accountability and responsibility to influence the legacy, regulation, and reputation of our industry.

What are your goals, both in the short and long term, and how do you plan to accomplish them?


a) Be a positive change agent in our industry

b) Articulate a credible and achievable strategy for the company.

c) Maintain very strong growth over the next three to four years with our current

service approach

We will accomplish them by maintaining and enhancing my relationships with key partners such as Haversine Funding and Strategy Advisory Solutions. Those relationships empower Quasar Capital to develop long, lasting relationships with its clients and allow us to accomplish our mission of improving their lives.

Article published: https://magazine.factoring.org/magazine-articles/commercial-factor-brian-center-outlines-newly-launched-quasar-capitals-mission 



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Providing maximum funding solutions for small businesses – Quasar Capital Partners establishes its presence in North America

Ensuring access to maximum funding and reliable client-centric services that nurture your business success.

DALLAS, February 18, 2021 – Building on the success of a 30-year career, finance industry veteran Brian Center launches Quasar Capital Partners, LLC, (Quasar Capital www.quasarcapitalpartners.com). Headquartered in Texas and with a Small Business focus in the US and Canada, Quasar Capital is a new provider of factoring receivables funding and asset-based lending solutions for facility sizes up to $8M.

Quasar Capital’s strong foundation leverages the legacy of Mr. Center’s experience in serving clients and referral sources. “After more than 30 years of working with clients and referral sources, I have learned that straight talk, peace of mind, and funding reliability are the cornerstones of relationships.  That is exactly the value that Quasar Capital provides”.

When it comes to invoice factoring and small business funding, confidence that your funder can get the deal done quickly is critical. With years in the commercial banking and finance industry, Mr. Center has developed an intimate knowledge of client needs and the services they require and value the most.

Quasar Capital was formed with the goal of improving the lives of its clients.  The ownership group, led by Mr. Center, is staunchly committed to a personalized client experience founded on trust and clarity.  “The success of Quasar must be rooted in our chief aim of improving lives” Mr. Center added.  “That chief aim is evident in all we do, from the commitment of the ownership group to our interaction with our strategic advisory firm, Strategic Advisory Services, Inc., and our Senior Capital source, Haversine Funding.  All these partner firms drive us towards our chief aim – improving lives”. 

“Our underwriting and funding process allows for maximum capital without constraints”.  Mr. Center added. “We do not have a rigid committee and do not make decisions based on formulas.  The character of the business owner is the most important element to our decision-making process; if you stand behind your word, we can do business”. In addition, Quasar Capital provides a simple fee structure by charging a funding and wire fee only. Further, Quasar Capital provides short-term, month-to-month contracts based on client preference. 

Quasar Capital’s sole objective is to help small businesses and their leaders succeed based on the value of what their small business offers to their marketplace.  Quasar Capital delivers stability and confidence for their clients so they can succeed and improve their lives and the lives they touch every day. “We listen first, then together we find ways to deliver success to improve lives.”  

We deliver confidence to you and your business. Learn how by contacting us today at success@quasarcapitalpartners.com

About Quasar Capital:

Quasar Capital is a leading provider of small business invoice factoring, asset-based lending, and cash flow lending solutions that are customized to suit the specific needs of clients in the US and Canada, with facility sizes ranging up to $5M.

Quasar Capital has created a new product designed to kick start projects and the needs of small businesses.  Quasar Capital’s “Cash Transfusion” infusion tool addresses the lifeblood of any company – cash – by funding the needs of clients beyond standard factoring and lending advance rates.

Quasar delivers stability and confidence for their clients and their business so they can succeed and improve their lives and the lives they touch every day. To learn more, contact us today at success@quasarcapitalpartners.com