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Brian Center

Brian Center, Partner

Brian Center is a finance industry veteran with over three decades of experience providing clients with trusted expertise. He has a strong entrepreneurial spirit and passion for growing and connecting small businesses to more significant opportunities by capitalizing on what others in the industry don’t see.  

​Brian is a firm believer in straight talk, peace of mind, and funding reliability as the cornerstones of building long-lasting relationships. His impressive background - holding numerous executive and senior management roles within the commercial finance and banking industry - has allowed him to manage everything from rapidly changing portfolio acquisitions and complex strategies to translating sales success from the front line to the executive office.

​He received his Bachelor of Business Administration in Economics from Texas Tech University. Brian got his start in asset-based lending. Over the years nurtured his networking and financial acumen to manage, lead and own multiple companies successfully. Previously, he was President and Chief Credit Officer for Far West Capital. Before that, he was the co-owner and president of Comresco Capital, LLC, a factoring company founded in 2002 and sold to Bibby Financial in 2007. 

​As the Chief Executive Officer of Quasar Capital, Brian thrives on assisting clients from all walks of life to understand the broader world and their story within it by creating a value-added consultative affiliation and helping them launch and grow their business successfully. 

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