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We provide the right financial solutions 

for your business!

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Factoring & ABL

On-demand, flexible, and fast financing for small businesses in the US and Canada.

  • Custom loan solutions for your business & industry

  • Min Time in Business: 1 month

  • Min Monthly Revenue: $100/month

  • Funding Range:  up to $20M

  • Advance Rate: up to 100%

  • Contract Term: Month-to-month

  • Approval Time: Less than 24 hours

  • No Minimums

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Cash Transfusion

Financing that adds the most value and minimizes your risk. We understand that cash flow is the lifeblood of a business.  

  • Transfusion of cash that goes beyond factoring

  • Financing that scales with your business

  • Min Time in Business:    6 months

  • Min Monthly Revenue:   $5,000/month

  • Funding Range:   up to 30% of A/R outstanding

  • Advance Rate: Up to 100% of the need

  • No Contract Term

  • Approval Time: 24 hours

  • No Minimums

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