Leadership & Experience

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Experienced Advisors

We are maniacal and relentless in our drive to serve our clients.   


For over 35 years our CEO has learned from small businesses how to be their kind of lender.


Together, we make your goals, objectives, and dreams come true.  

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Ability to Stay

One Step Ahead

The type of solution we offer you is influenced by the goal you and your business are trying to achieve.  We finance businesses that need to increase profit.

The funding we provide injects cash back into your business.


Let us show you how much additional NET INCOME you can drop to the bottom line by partnering with QUASAR CAPITAL!

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Solutions That Serves Your Needs

The lifecycle of your business will not fit neatly into any particular mold.


We are the right financial partner that will help you uncover the best way to fund your goals and provide the funds you need to operate your business efficiently.

On-demand, flexible funding so you can concentrate on growing your business. 

We are here to help.  Contact us today!

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