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Business Development


Suroush Keihani, Business Development Officer

Suroush is a self-motivated and success-driven business development officer with ten years of experience in solution selling and new business development.

He is passionate about living life to the fullest and motivating those around him to do the same. His biggest strength is the ability to talk and connect with people. His greatest accomplishments come from his growth and knowledge in sales through the car business, where he made a name for himself by understanding every customer’s motivation and pain and bringing a solution to every customer he meets. And he's always pushing himself to learn more so that he can be an even better salesman for his customers. For Suroush it's never just about selling, it's about helping and relating to all the different people you meet.

Suroush's drive makes him the best. He has always prided himself on his work, driving to the pain of his customers and truly being able to bring a tailored solution that fits the needs of his customers. He will be instrumental in increasing our market presence in Austin, reaching more business owners, and connecting with more people in a meaningful way.

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