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Relationship Manager, Commercial Finance & Asset-Based Lending

Please send your resume to
Include an optional write-up explaining why you want to join the Quasar family and how you believe you can contribute to our client and team. Submissions that include this personal insight will be preferred in our selection process.


Join Our Quasar Family:

At Quasar Capital, you're not just taking on a job; you're becoming part of a family of professionals who are deeply passionate about their work, the community, and making a significant impact. As a leading provider of invoice factoring, asset-based lending (ABL), and cash flow solutions, specializing in facilities up to $20M, we empower small businesses to succeed. Our team members are valued not only for their professional skills but also for their individual passions and contributions to causes they care deeply about.

Your Role in Our Mission:

In your role, you will work closely with our underwriting team and be a self-starter in our asset-based lending team; you'll be instrumental in underwriting new opportunities, encompassing both ABL and factoring deals. You will manage a select ABL portfolio, forging strong connections with business leaders, understanding their unique industry landscapes, and crafting financial solutions that bolster their growth and ours.

How You'll Make a Difference:



  • Deep Client Engagement: Develop and maintain lasting relationships with key stakeholders, gaining an in-depth understanding of their needs, loan structures, collateral, legal documentation, financial performance, potential loss exposures, and industry trends to mitigate risk effectively.

  • Portfolio Leadership & Expert Underwriting: Oversee and expand our ABL portfolio, including the underwriting of new borrowers. Ensure top-notch loan management and documentation, working alongside our team of specialists. Your role will involve a robust analysis of new opportunities, applying your extensive experience in both ABL and Factoring deals.

  • Advanced Financial Analysis: Employ your strong financial analysis skills to scrutinize and assess new opportunities for our clients. This includes a thorough examination of financial statements, compliance reports, and risk trends, enabling you to provide expert recommendations on loan structures and adjustments based on financial performance and risk assessments.

  • Decision Authority & Innovative Thinking: Responsibly handle daily advance requests, aligning client needs with Quasar's credit policies to ensure optimal loan performance. Your self-starter mindset empowers you to adapt processes creatively and contribute significantly to our evolving team and finance company.

  • This is an exceptional opportunity to join a forward-thinking team and apply your robust financial analysis skills and innovative approach to drive real change and growth within our company and for our clients.

We're Excited About You Because:


  • You are a people person with strong analytical and communication skills.

  • You have 6+ years of experience in asset-based lending.

  • Your client-facing experience sets you apart.

  • You shine in portfolio management and have insights into the complexity of the Commercial Finance and & ABL industr


In-Office Requirement:


This position is based in our head office in Austin, TX, and is not a hybrid/remote role. We value the synergy and innovation that come from in-person collaboration and interaction.


Expect More Than Just a Career:


Joining Quasar Capital means embracing a culture of creativity, entrepreneurial spirit, community involvement, and being valued as an individual. We encourage you to bring your unique perspectives to the table, ensuring your voice is heard, and your professional journey is as rewarding as it is impactful.

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